IDN Open 18th Issue

IDN Open 18th Issue

The great Japanese magazine IDN called us to create the opening for its new DVD, attached to its print version. The main topics of its 19th launch were mappings, projections, 8bits and pixels, and we decided to put everything together inside a blender and to start mixing! The result was a Latin-American cocktail, highly explosive, full of color, and with a great rhythm thanks to our Daft Plenty VJ!
It was the nice challenge. With a very little time we had to improvise and make something interesting that it mixes all these topics, taking in consideration the mapping technology.
The origin of the Open was a corporeal Pixel. Yes! A 50cm white wood cube on which we projected and mapped a pure motiongraphics explosion! Full of patterns and geometric forms re-adapted to the 8-bit world, inspired on the magic latinamerican ponchos and acient indigenous graphites to culminate with the IDN logo soaked in these colorful patterns.

More information at:​work_detail.php?codigo=28

Directed by: Plenty
Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri

Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Graphic Design & Installation: Pablo Alfieri
Concepts: Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri

Animation: Mariano Farias, Hernán Estevez
Camera, Projection & Mapping: Mariano Farias
Music & Sound Design: Mariano Farias

Edition & Postproduction: Mariano Farías

Production: Inés Palmas

Year: 2011
Client: IDN

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